Delightful Discovery

I was just about to leave my shopping trip to a thrift store, when I decided to check one last rack I had already went through. I thought, maybe I might have missed something the first time, as I only glanced through the clothes quickly. Oh, was I sure glad I went back! I found this white J.Crew linen skirt AND a matching brown one, tags still attached, in perfect condition for 3.99. I stood almost in disbelief, looking around to see if anyone was witnessing my beaming delight to my new discoveries. Nope. Just me…and what a delightful discovery it was!

Top. Banana Republic. Thrifted.2.99, Skirt. J.Crew. Thrifted.3.99,Purse.Lillian’s Shoppe-Free (it was a BOGO clearance deal),, Sunglasses.LOFT.14.70

Outfit total: $21.86

Skirt. J.Crew.Thrifted. 3.99, Blazer. Thrifted. 5.99

Melon + White= perfect spring/summer colors

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