Watermelon Days

I adore pink and green, especially when they are paired together. I once wore pink bottoms and this green top to school. My second graders love when I wear bright colors as they often comment on my outfit those days. During my pink and green color-blocking day, one of my sweet students decided I was a bright as a watermelon and that was pretty “cool.” So whenever I wear pink and green it now becomes my “watermelon” outfit, which is quite cool for the summer. Go ahead, wear pink and green and eat a lot of watermelon! Happy watermelon days!

Blazer. J.Crew. Thrifted. 5.99, Sleeveless top. Banana Republic Outlet. 19.99, Pants. Body by Victoria. Thrifted. 3.99, Sunglass. LOFT. 15.00, Shoes. Qupid. Thrifted. 3.99, Purse-next photo-Matrix. Thrifted. 2.00, Watch. Living Light Studio. Gift

Outfit Total: $50.96

The gold earrings were thrifted for 1.99. I wear them all the time.

I had these pants hemmed at a tailor. I am only 5.4, so I often try to find petite pants or I usually have them hemmed. Having the correct length makes a noticeable difference in  your outfit.

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