Lucky Wait

I visited one of my best friends in Boston this past March. I had an amazing time touring the city, eating delicious food, going for runs, laughing non-stop, and of course going shopping on Newberry Street. While visiting the Boston Ann Taylor LOFT, the store had just put out their new spring collection. I saw this dress and instantly fell in love with the cream and white smooth fabrics. However the $89.95 price tag was out of my dress budget. I placed the dress back on the rack and hoped we would meet again-next time on a sale rack. Just a few weeks ago, I was reunited with the dress at the Colorado Springs LOFT. I had a rush of excitement when I saw the bottom of the dress sticking out from the rack. There were only 3 left and the last one I checked was my size. The final sale price was $14.88. I waited 3 months to get this dress and I now call it my ‘lucky one.’

Dress.LOFT.14.88, Handbag. Nine West. Thrifted.1.99, Shoes. Mila Italian.Thrifted. 3.99, Sunglass. LOFT.15.00, Bracelet.0.00-my grandmother’s necklace wrapped around twice and tied with a coral ribbon

Outfit Total: $35.86


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