Summer Sidewalk Style

Last month I visited my family and friends in Wisconsin.  While out on a girls’ shopping trip with my sister, aunts and cousin, I tried on this lightweight print dress. My sister tried one the same one and we both came out of the fitting rooms with beaming smiles on our faces. We loved the dress! When we were younger we dressed in matching outfits…despite our 4 year age difference. This dress would carry on our childhood tradition as we both ended up with one (my sweet aunt bought us each one for a birthday gift). My aunt has the same dress too. Now if only I had a picture to post of all 3 of us wearing it together…next time! *I had just bumped my head on the rock wall on the pic above, so while it looks like I might be posing, I’m actually rubbing my head.

Dress. Gap Outlet. 35.00, Handbag. Nine West. Thrifted. 12.00, Sandals. Express. 14.99,  Bracelet. Express. 90 cents with 10.00 coupon, Earrings. 3.00. Bangles and Bags (Shop in Delafield, WI) Sunglasses. LOFT. 15.00

Outfit Total: $80.89

I found this (almost brand new) Nine West hand bag while doing some thrifting in WI. It turns out it is a current style and is on Nine West’s website. The 12.00 I paid sure beats the original 69.00 price!,default,pd.html?variantSizeClass=&variantColor=JJ0PKMM_1&cgid=8346270&prefn1=catalog-id&prefv1=ninewest-catalog

Perfect for sidewalk twirling on hot summer days!

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