5 Summer S’s- Sailboats, Shores, Sunglasses, Sandals, Style

As my summer break is soon coming to an end; I am doing everything possible to enjoy every last moment of  long relaxing days and the warm evening breeze. My last trip, (where I am currently writing) is a vacation to the Bayfield area in Wisconsin. I love watching the sailboats glide across Lake Superior’s pristine cool waters and eating excessive amounts of ice cream from the many sweet shoppes (maple nut is on my list today). Before I left on my trip, I stopped at one of my favorite local stores, Eve’s Revolution, in Colorado Springs. I found this light green blouse on the 75% off rack.  I was drawn to this top because of its unique pattern and light weight fabric. It was a perfect top for an outting by the shore.

Blouse. Final Touch. Eve’s Revolution. 9.00, Pants. CAbi. 3.99. Thrifted. Earrings, Eve’s Revolution. 10.00, Sandals. Express. 14.50, Sunglasses. LOFT. 15.00, Handbag. Nine West. Thrifted. 12.00

Outfit Total: $64.49

I found another pair of white pants while thrifting ( and of course I couldn’t resist). They are a brand I am not familiar with- CAbi and the average price online is 98.00, I paid 3.99 for a pair that looked brand new. They were also hemmed to my height-so they were a perfect match. (Thanks to my fashion match who keeps donating clothes to thrift stores that fit me!)

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