Bold Print

This was what I called a sweaty summer day. High 90s with intense humidity= one sticky melting mess. The only way for me to cool off was to be in water…dress and all. That’s the best part about wearing a $9.00 dress found on the 75% off rack; no worries for when you might just decide a dress can just as easily take the place of a swim suit when you don’t have one….sometimes that is.

Dress. TeenpLo. Eve’s Revolution. 9.00, Flip Flops. Gap. 6.00, Necklace (J.Crew knockoff). Ebay. 14.99, Bracelet. Banana Republic Outfit. 5.99

Outfit Total: 35.98

*I recently found the teal flip flops at the Gap for 40% off of the 9.99 sale price. I was waiting to get a deal on the $24.50 sandals, and the wait paid off!

I like the idea of mixing a print with a bright color. This outfit was worn on my vacation as a last minute “piece together what’s in my suitcase and not super wrinkled.”

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