In transition…

My favorite time of the year is right around the corner…fall! I love going for hikes in the cool weather, eating apple pie and caramel apples and enjoying Starbuck’ s spiced pumpkin lattes-which are now back! I also am in favor of wearing boots, chunky sweaters, scarves and dresses with tights. With all of the end of summer sales going on, it’s the perfect time to score some deals (I recently got the above scarf at The Limited for 6.00). Instead of packing those items away until next year, you can easily take your summer wardrobe and transition it to fall style. Dresses are great to pair with boots, a sweater, scarf and tights for chilly days.

Dress. Thrifted. The Limited. 4.00, Sweater. Elle. Kohls. 11.20, Scarf. The Limited. 6.00, Boots. Charlotte Russe. 22.00, Handbag. Old Navy. 3.00-(It was a sale off of clearance items day!)

Outfit Total: $46.20


2 thoughts on “In transition…

  1. I was at Goodwill today (where I purchased a cute wooden toy for my baby) and thought about you. As I perused the women’s clothing I thought, “Is this something Shelly would somehow make look amazing or would I look like a frumpy old lady in it?” I don’t know how you pick out these stunning pieces in a sea of old clothes – I mean, nothing looks amazing crammed on the racks of a thrift store! If you decide this is where your blog could go, I would be really interested in a “how to” of sorts that shows how you pick out these diamonds in the rough and your rules for what to try on and what to leave on the rack!

    • Hi Sara!! I’m glad you found a fun toy for your baby! That is sweet you thought of me while shopping today. I’m so excited you mentioned about wanting a “how to” thrift post. I actually have one in the works to be posted on Thursday this week. You must have been reading my mind while shopping. 😉 I know, it can seem daunting at first. The ‘usual’ goodwill I go to isn’t sorted by size, like others, so it can be overwhelming just staring at the racks. Hopefully Thursday’s post can give you some insight into some easier ways to make thrift shopping enjoyable.

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