Lavender and Lace (The under $20.00 outfit!)

While out on one of my thrifting days, I came across this gorgeous purple dress. I could tell someone took excellent care of it-not a single spot to be found! I always like to look up brands I am unfamilar with and googled Gianni Bini. I found a similar dress on the Dillard’s website for 99.00, so the 4.00 I paid was a bargain! Simple solid dresses are my favorite to mix and match pieces with to create mulitple outfit looks. I ‘accidentally’ created this outfit when lazily trying on pieces I had bought. I didn’t want to take the dress off, so I slipped on the lace top and was surprised when I saw how the pieces looked together. After finding a new way to tie the bow down low in the front; it was a brand new look. I’ve always been obsessed with lace as it displays my love for all things vintage. I’m glad it’s a current style and even if it wasn’t, you’d still find me wearing it. I paired it together with low cut boots and an oversized brown handbag for a fall look. The boots were another amazing thrift find at 3.99 for Steve Maddens! I also like how I can simplify the dress with nude heels and minimal accessories, it makes the color stand out on its own. So next time you are feeling lazy, try on different pieces of your wardrobe and you just might surprise yourself with what you create!

Dress. Gianni Bini. Thrifted. 4.00, Lace Top. Express Tricot. Thrifted. 1.99, Boots. Steve Madden. Thrifted. 3.99, Handbag. Lillian’s Shoppe-Free (It was a BOGO clearance deal) , Earrings. 9.99. LOFT, Total Outfit- Drumroll please….$19.97!

I came across an almost identical dress on J.Crew’s website-it’s on sale….for 99.00 from 188.00. Cheers to a 4.00 bargain!
How do you feel about wearing lace?

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