White Christmas

IMG_3236Happy December 1st! One of my favorite things about Colorado in December is enjoying the snow covered mountain peaks. There is nothing better than curling up next to the fireplace while watching a glistening snowfall. This year I am dreaming of white Christmas…and dreaming of snow just might be the only kind that happens. Today it was 62 degrees and sunny. There is no snow in the forecast and as much as I love being able to spend more time outdoors in this weather; it feels a little off’ while decorating for the holidays. I thought I’d create a snow-like atmosphere inside and keep all of the decorations in a white and pine theme. Over the next week, I will post easy and inexpensive ideas for DIY decorations. Some will be items shown on my mantel above. Today is all about the center mirror piece.

IMG_3196BEFORE: This mirror hanging shelf was a gem hidden on a bottom shelf at Goodwill. There was not a scratch in sight and it was only missing one pane of glass. I spray painted it with Rust-oleum in Heirloom Satin White (I have found this to be the best brand of spray paint and can be purchased at Home Depot). The glass was replaced with white burlap from JoAnn Fabrics-( I stood in line for 30 minutes on Black Friday for a single yard-that’s crafter dedication!). I used a craft spray glue to attach the burlap to the cardboard inserts.

IMG_3221These are the supplies I used.

MIDDLE: (It looks a little more ivory in this photo from the dining room lighting)


IMG_3257I added two small bird ornaments I bought from Target a few years ago and painted a 25 in the middle with a white glass pen. I tried using the Martha Stewart stencils, but they did not work for me. So I just did it free hand.

Mirror: Thrifted. 4.99   Burlap. JoAnn Fabrics 3.00  Ornaments: 0.00   Total: 7.99


4 thoughts on “White Christmas

  1. Shelly, I love reading your blog. I had not seen anything in a while and wondered if I was missing your post. Your house, as always, looks beautiful!

    • Thanks so much Mindi! I hadn’t posted anything for a long time (life was crazy busy), so you weren’t missing anything! I have posts ready to go so I will be posting more often now. Miss you!

  2. I found that exact shelf yrs ago and it’s been in storage for a few yrs now. Never knew what to do with it after my decor changed….now I do, great idea!!

    • Debi,

      I’m so glad you found a new purpose for your mirror shelf! A can of spray paint does wonders for making things new again. Have fun with your project!

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