DIY Details

IMG_3198 copyBEFORE: This little wooden box was a 79 cent find at Goodwill! You could tell it was handmade with love and painted a dark forest green.The green color here actually is kind of neat. I like the way the painted crackled, but I wanted a white washed box to blend in with other items on the mantel. I once again used my magic can of Rust-Oleum Satin Heirloom White. I originally thought of putting 2 small craft pine trees in here, but I already had a box of glittery beaded pears that needed a place to go. It found its new home next to a lantern filled with ornaments and a tin can-both purchased at Michael’s Craft Store a while back.

AFTER: IMG_3239 copy

Total Cost: 79 cents for wooden box (I already had the pears and spray paint)


These cute little burlap bags were 75 cents a piece at Michael’s Craft Store. They were the last three in the Thanksgiving clearance section. I had no idea what I wanted to use these for at first, but I knew they would come in handy for something. I had thought of a plan for using the three of these to create  unique replacements for stockings. One for me, my husband, and dog-Lucy. I wanted to hang them from the hooks of the mirror (shown in yesterday’s post). However, when putting up the wreath over the mantel, there was a hole on each side from the picture that usually hangs in its place. I needed to conceal the holes, so I used number hooks I had purchased from Hobby Lobby last year. I stuffed two of the sacks with plastic grocery bags and created name tags with letter stickers and a single jingle bell. I turned the sacks around, so the thankful stamp was concealed against the wall. (Now come Thanksgiving next year, I can use them for something new). It was such an easy project that took only 20 minutes to create!

AFTER: IMG_3242Total Cost: 75 cents for burlap sack- I already had the number hooks (Hobby Lobby), letter stickers (Michaels), tags (JoAnn Fabrics) and bells.



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