Simple Add Ons

IMG_3209BEFORE: Simple bare wreath. I found this wreath in the clearance section at Michael’s Craft store. I liked how simple and natural looking it was-along with just a touch of moss. I wanted to add just a few details to create a personalized wreath that I could use after the holidays too.

AFTER:IMG_3237I spray painted this wooden P months ago (with Krylon-Catalina Mist) and had no where to put it. It was buried in my craft box and was ready to make an appearance. I added a strand of ribbon to give just a hint of sparkle (it looks wavy from the shadow, but it lies flat). Both of the flowers also came from Michaels. Instead of hanging it on the outside of our door, I displayed it on the inside. I figured we would enjoy it more than our neighbors.

Total Cost: Wreath 7.00, flowers (white-1.50, blue 2.50-pack of 2), ribbon-had, wreath hanger. 2.99  $13.99

IMG_3213BEFORE: Mini Pine Tree. So, I have a confession….this is the only Christmas tree in our home right now. It stands less than 2 ft. tall and is not even comparable to Charlie Brown’s. But there was just something about this tiny tree that made me smile when I saw it. Maybe it was the burlap wrapped around the bottom, or perhaps I just felt sorry for it (kind of like the Corduroy Bear story)- It was the last one on the shelf. For whatever reason, I was drawn to this tiny tree and brought it home. I added a few miniature ornaments, present adornments, and ribbon. Then, I topped it off with a big pansy flower from the LOFT.  I think it’s pretty darn cute!


Total Cost: Tree. Michaels. 11.00, had ornaments from Target, flower. LOFT. 5.20-60% off of sale price! Total: $16.20


One thought on “Simple Add Ons

  1. I’m currently obsessed with making wreaths for every season/holiday that I see fit. I love how you personalized yours. You would be surprised how many wreaths in good condition that you can find at thrift stores.

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