Welcome! After following so many wonderful style blogs this past year, I recently started the Life on Sale blog to share how I put together outfits on a limited budget. The majority of my outfits are under $60.00 for the TOTAL outfit including: top, bottom, shoes, accessories and handbag. I even have some outfits under $20.00! I want to show how I mix and match the pieces of my wardrobe to create new outfits, all without spending a lot of money. I am the type of shopper who goes into a store and makes a dash to the sale/clearance section. I rarely view the “full price” section of the store; as I know I won’t be making a purchase if it’s not on sale. Over the years, I’ve become accustomed to clearance and thrift shopping. I find it much more satisfying finding amazing deals, while still having a balance in my checking and not on credit. I’m glad you stopped by!

I teach 2nd grade in Colorado Springs and live with my husband and Boston Terrier-Lucy.



One thought on “About

  1. I have the exact same mentality! I always make a beeline to the sale rack. For some reason I feel much more accomplished that way than buying something full price. Anyway, I absolutely love your blog!

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